Mark Galambos is a leader in the WMCZ Family Law Group, working exclusively in the area of family law. His experience includes drafting interspousal contracts, separation agreements and agreements pertaining to assisted reproduction and parentage matters. Mark’s practice covers all aspects of family law – common law relationships, Family Services applications, property division, spousal support, child support/custody/access and divorce matters before all levels of Court in Saskatchewan.

Mark is knowledgeable in Court-based negotiations, Summary Judgment applications, Queen’s Bench Chambers and Trial appearances. His family law training and practice also extends to mediation, negotiation and Collaborative law. Mark is a collaboratively trained lawyer with accreditation through the Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan Inc.

He is active in writing, speaking and educating both lawyers and the public through television, periodicals and personal presentations throughout Saskatchewan. Please see his most current publications at the bottom of the page and feel free to stay educated by joining the WMCZ Family Law Group Facebook page.

Q: The thing I like most about my job is …

A: This might sound cliché, but I honestly really enjoy the great clients I work with. I have been lucky enough to practice family law for several years now and, although my client’s situations are often challenging, the reward of helping others through very difficult times is incredibly satisfying. A few weeks ago I noticed a father sitting at McDonalds having a burger with his child. They were laughing and having a good time.  I had helped that father regain his parenting role in his child’s life after it had been taken away about a year earlier. That child’s smile and laughter would not have been possible if I hadn’t done my job well. These moments make my job unique and worth every hard hour worked.

Q: I am happiest when I am able to…
A: Spend some time with my family on a holiday or out on the golf course. Recently, my family took a camping trip to northern California to visit the Redwood forest. This was a great way to reconnect with nature and spend some fantastic quality time (and adventure) with my crew! I have a 9 year old who is growing up faster than I would like.

Q: The thing I could not live without is …

A: Aside from my tight knit family, I would have a hard time living with my friends and co-workers.  We don’t run a firm where people lock themselves away in their offices to toil away. The whole concept of WMCZ, and the WMCZ Family Law Group within the firm, is to encourage open discussions and a team environment.  We thrive through this social interaction and I am sure my clients benefit as a result.

Q: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A: Before getting into law, I was a cook at several restaurants around Saskatchewan and Alberta. I still love getting together with friends and organizing an epic feast out on my patio. Recently, we had the opportunity to roast a whole pig, along with salmon, prime rib and stuffed Cornish game hen. My foody friends and I spent the whole day cooking and having a blast with each other!


Recent and notable representative work:

  • Counsel for father in often cited decision involving determination of farm and corporate income in Saskatchewan – Guenther v. Guenther 2016 SKQB 322;
  • Counsel for mother in often cited interim spousal support decision after multi-year marriage – Wendt v. Wendt 2016 SKQB 227
  • Counsel for mother in complex mobility trial – Riel v. Riel 2016 SKQB 174
  • Counsel for family in Family Services matter where attempts were made to remove the children from their family – EL (Re), 2011 SKQB 23
  • Counsel for father in complex mobility trial – RA v. SL, 2011 SKQB 259
  • Member, Saskatchewan Criminal Defence Lawyers Association
  • Editor and Board Executive, Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member, Canadian Bar Association Member, Saskatchewan Branch
  • Treasurer and Board Executive, Saskatoon Bar Association
  • Volunteer, Pro-Bono Students Canada – Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner-City Inc. (CLASSIC)
  • Volunteer, Public Legal Education Association (PLEA)
  • Volunteer, Adult Education Program, City Centre Church
  • Volunteer, Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign
  • Member – Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan
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