WMCZ Welcomes Two New Owners

September 1 was noteworthy in the WMCZ world for a couple of reasons. First, it was our 22nd Anniversary as a Firm. Unfortunately, 22 years doesn’t have the same ring as “25” or “50”, let alone a name like “Golden Anniversary”, so it slid by without a lot of fanfare.

Much more notable, however, was that we gained two new owners: Mike Krawchuk and Tyler Wake. Both of these men epitomize the character and skills we aspire to, and we are delighted to welcome them to the ownership group.

Mike joined WMCZ in 2000, and other than a brief hiatus when he wrote a book on Vimy Ridge, he has been a fixture in our Employment & Labour Law and Bankruptcy & Debt Collection departments ever since. Tyler joined our firm in 2015 and quickly made himself an indispensable part of our services in Business Law, Residential & Commercial Property and Succession Planning.

Congratulations, Tyler and Mike.