Welcoming the Photo-less Isabelle Larocque

At most law firms, early summer brings a crop of new articling students who are eager to start their careers after spending most of their lives in classrooms. It is no different at WMCZ as we welcome our 2019/20 student, Isabelle Larocque.

Your first question is probably “OK, why this wall of text and nary a picture?” Our first response is “do people use ‘nary’ anymore?” The real response is that the world doesn’t need another amateur smartphone photo of someone against a plain beige wall, so we’re waiting for the pros to get Isabelle’s photos ready. Then we’ll have a real page on this website for her.

Until then, we will hit just some of the highlights of Isabelle’s life so far. She received her J.D. from the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law in 2019, after majoring in Indigenous Studies at the College of Arts and Science. She also received her Certificate in Common Law French from the University of Ottawa. She has been active in many volunteer roles, including Gabriel Dumont Local #11, the Indigenous Bar Association and the Saskatoon Open Door Society.

Isabelle has seen the legal industry from several different perspectives, including many years as a legal assistant before entering law school.

Until we get the photos, go ahead and imagine what Isabelle looks like. We are excited to welcome Isabelle to WMCZ, even without a picture.