Denim Martyn


Assistant: Jasmine Reddekopp

About Denim

Denim specializes in providing counsel for construction companies, condo boards, and insurance companies. In general practice, Denim tirelessly pursues victory for his clients, especially when they want their money back. In one case of particular acclaim, Denim successfully defended numerous senior condo owners against a shoddy developer, securing them financial peace of mind to live out their golden years. With a degree in law with criminology from Keele University, accreditation under the National Committee on Accreditation, and LPP from Ryerson University, Denim has the research skills to turn up any and every bit of evidence in his cases.

Numerous articles published in the Saskatchewan Advocate provide further proof of his ability to articulate complex issues. He’s also an active volunteer with the Windmill Mentorship Program, CHEP Good Food, STLA mentorship program, Pro Bono Law SK, and the Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City Inc. (CLASSIC). In short and long, Denim can often be found giving back to his community through his most pertinent skills. He’s also a member of the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association and the Saskatchewan Bar Association.

When he’s not in a courtroom or behind a stack of books, you can find him on a plane — he’s lived in five different countries! A chef and restaurateur for over 13 years, Denim is also a guitarist and drummer. 

  • Law Practice Program, placement at First National Financial LP (2018)
  • National Committee on Accreditation (2016)
  • Law with Criminology, Keele University, Staffordshire, England (2009)
  • Social Sciences Foundation Degree, Keele University, Staffordshire, England (2005)
  • Mentor with Windmill Mentorship Program, which offers mentorship to new immigrants to Canada.
  • Writer for The Saskatchewan Advocate, particularly with regard to STLA conferences.
  • Volunteer chef with CHEP Good Food Inc. – Utilizing my extensive kitchen experience to teach low income families how to prepare healthy food on a budget
  • Mentor with the STLA mentorship Program
  • Volunteer with Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan
  • Volunteer, Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City Inc. (CLASSIC)
  • Member, Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member Saskatchewan Bar Association
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