Ammy joined WMCZ in 2020. She practices family law and criminal defense, but has been known to dabble in wills and estates, real estate, general litigation and some administrative law.

Picture an activity your grandmother may enjoy, and Ammy is likely an enthusiast! In her spare time, you can find Ammy gardening, crocheting, painting, making wire-wrapped jewelry, sewing, hiking, and playing piano. She also enjoys torturing her teenage children, Fraser and Ebyn, with made-up songs!


I really enjoy appellate work.  Every time I’ve been to the Court of Appeal has been both exhilarating and terrifying.  I really enjoy taking a deep dive into a narrow section of law and attempting to convince a panel of much smarter people that I might be right.  

I am also very proud of the work I’ve done for families in Coroner’s Inquests.  Families who need representation at Coroner’s Inquests have suffered a terrible loss of a loved one.  They are upset – often angry – and want to know what their loved one’s last moments were like.  They want to know what happened.  And very often, they want to prevent such tragedy from happening to other families in the future.  The work is highly emotional.  It involves asking very difficult questions.  It involves asking a jury to make recommendations for large scale policy changes, and so requires a fair amount of creativity.  The family is often under intense scrutiny during the process, and I see it as an honour to be their guide and voice throughout.

Finally, another case I am very proud of involved a young First Nations mother.  After being arrested, she was denied access to a breast pump while held in custody over the weekend.  Our work in this matter resulted in some policy changes by the Saskatoon Police Service.

I’ve always been very involved with CLASSIC, working as a clinical student all through law school.  Since graduation, I’ve volunteered as a Legal Advice Clinic lawyer both for CLASSIC and Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, and I sat on the CLASSIC Board of Directors from 2012 – 2014.  I have also sat on the Board of Directors for Saskatoon Community Mediation Services (SCMS), the USSU Childcare Centre, and the Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition.  For a period of time I also sat on the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Status of Women at the University of Saskatchewan.

Aside from fancy titles, however, I enjoy giving back to my community.  I’m always eager to come talk to small groups about different areas of the law.  I truly believe that education is empowering.  I love taking the opportunity to speak with groups of people about the law – high school students, newcomers to Canada, professionals, tenant groups, and parents.