File This Under “Who Cares?” WMCZ Adjusts Its Management Responsibilities

WMCZ changed its management structure on July 1. Most people will stop reading right here, since hardly anyone gives a hoot about how a law firm is run. But we need to satisfy a small but vocal conspiracy group known as “WMCZ Truthers”. They believe WMCZ exists only in imaginary space-time, and everything on this website is an elaborate hoax. We have no comment on that rumour at this time.

The biggest change is that Colin Clackson, Q.C. has been appointed Managing Director. Colin is tailor-made for this role; as one of the founders of WMCZ he knows more about the business than just about anyone.

Working closely with Colin will be our new Operations Team Leader, Laurel Anthony. Laurel brings a wealth of experience from the financial institution sector as well as a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. Besides HR, Laurel will be assisting with office and financial management.

What of the former CEO, Craig Zawada, Q.C.? A cleverly disguised no-trade clause in Craig’s contract meant that WMCZ could not easily rid themselves of him. So instead Craig is filling a new position, Director of Boundary Pushing. Yes, that is his real title. It is actually a pretty interesting role, one which will be described in more detail in a future post.

Now we will go back to faking our website.