If there is one thing that commercial property transactions have in common, it’s that they are all different. Everything from how a project is financed to the configuration of owners can vary infinitely. This means that cookie-cutter approaches don’t work and it is even more important that the lawyer is deeply involved every step of the way – not just a paralegal.

While that might be more work for us, we don’t mind. It lets us better handle all the details of deals involving condominium development, multi-tenant projects, subdivisions, land transfers and more. Chance are that no matter what your commercial project involves we have worked on it.

It is not just commercial real estate that we handle, either. Residential house purchases, sales and mortgages are also a regular part of our work. Like any of our other work, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their goals are met.

For more information on our residential real estate services, including estimated costs, download our WMCZ Residential Services Brochure

 Representative Work

  • Vendor’s counsel for multi-million dollar commercial real estate sale transactions
  • Purchaser’s counsel for multi-million dollar commercial real estate transactions
  • Developer’s counsel for new condominium projects
  • Advising condominium boards with respect to governance and policy
  • Bank Counsel for financing

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