Many family law oriented law firms offer distinct family law representation. They can offer help with property, support (child and spousal), child access/custody and divorce situations. Most firms also assist with prenuptial and separation agreements, and a few have trained Collaborative law lawyers to assist in negotiating family law matters.

WMCZ Family Law Group is different, by recognizing that family law overlaps almost every part of life.

Family law has a very broad scope. Of course we offer the traditional family law services involving Collaborative law, agreements, and resolution of your support, property and child related matters – but we take our representation further.

Family law can have profound effects on your businesses, partnerships and corporations. If these family law situations are handled inappropriately, the result could be crippling corporate dissolutions or reorganizations. We have corporate and commercial specialists on our team who have dedicated their practices to understanding the inner workings of multifaceted commercial structures.

Family law sometimes effects third parties – business partners, beneficiaries under estates, and many others. The professionals in our WMCZ Family Law Group can appropriately initiate or react to litigation that may flow from family law matters. We also have team members who have focused their practice on making sure estates are handled appropriately in the family law context.

Full service family law covers all of these areas, as well as many others that traditional definitions of family law simply ignore – difficult tax matters, complex corporate farm structures and successions, multi-pronged commercial real estate division, criminal law situations, and even intellectual property disputes. Our family law team specializes and focuses their practices towards each of these areas .

That is what makes WMCZ Family Law Group different.

Representative Experience

  • Counsel in custody actions, property division issues and divorce for senior executives, managers and owner/managers
  • Drafting inter-spousal agreements prior to marriage (pre-nuptial agreements) as well as agreements managing matrimonial breakdown.
  • Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives (living wills) for all ages and family situations
  • Dealing with government and private organizations to complete adoptions
  • Court applications to appoint representatives to act on behalf of dependent adults

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