Let’s face it: nobody chooses to become involved in a criminal or quasi-criminal scenario. When you find yourself in that position, however, you need the best tools at your disposal to find an efficient and realistic resolution.

Sometimes it can be solved with a telephone call to clear up an obvious misunderstanding. Other times the solution needs a vigorous defence and trial of your matter. WMCZ’s experienced counsel can walk you through your situation from beginning to end. You can rely on our extensive experience in Provincial, Queen’s Bench and Appeals courts to negotiate and forcefully pursue the best possible outcome for you.

We have defended people of all ages in offences ranging from simple Traffic Safety Act speeding tickets to the most serious offences such as aggravated sexual assault and manslaughter. Our team approach lets you access the cumulative knowledge of all our criminal defence lawyers while still being respected on a personal level through face-to-face updates and strategic discussions on your file.

Representative Experience

  • Criminal code offences including assault, sexual assault, criminal negligence, domestic violence, extradition, theft, firearms and outstanding warrants.
  • Offences under Liquor and Gaming, Highways & Transportation, Traffic Safety Acts and similar legislation.
  • Defence counsel in numerous impaired driving .08 cases with expertise in arbitrary detention and constitutional issues at trial and appeal cases, such as R. v. Houben, 2005 SKQB 179, 2006 SKCA 129
  • Defence counsel in search and seizure cases with emphasis on rights to counsel, warrantless arrest issues, exclusion of evidence, including R. v. Langan, 2000 SKQB 67
  • Defence counsel in impaired driving .08 cases with emphasis on refusal to provide breath sample and reasonable opportunity to provide sample, such as R. v. Melrose, 2002 SKPC 36
  • Defence counsel in numerous dangerous driving cases, including fatalities, e.g., R. v. P. (C.T.) 2005 SKCA 123, and cases involving dangerous driving causing death, criminal negligence causing death and hit and run.
  • Defence counsel in controlled substance and narcotics cases including extradition matters, e.g. United States of America v. Kerslake, 1996 CanLII 7203 (SK QB)

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