Bankruptcy & Debt Collection
You might need extra help collecting amounts owing. Or you might need to manage money owed to others. Either way, talking to one of our collections specialists can help find a solution that works.
Business Law
It’s not so much finding the answers when running a business but knowing the questions. We can help with both, guiding you through everything from big financing deals to setting up your first corporation.
Corporate Finance
Business financing involves much more than just law. You’ll want lawyers who understand not just the legalities but the practicalities of funding a deal. We can also help with locating new sources of capital that will fit your needs.
Criminal Defence
If you have been charged with a criminal or quasi-criminal offence, it can be one of the most stressful and difficult periods in your life. It is paramount at these times to a obtain skilled and experienced professional who will treat your matter with the respect and seriousness it deserves. You must understand every option available to you and have a trusted advisor who will devote every effort towards achieving the best possible legal result for you and those you care about.
Employment & Labor Law
Hiring. Firing. Benefits programs. Pensions. Union certification. Discipline. These are just some of the employment and labour issues that can arise. Making the wrong choices can be stressful, not to mention expensive. Our lawyers will help with any human resource issues you might face.
Family Law
When change affects your family, the choices can seem overwhelming. Getting practical legal advice on your rights and obligations can help relieve the stress. WMCZ provides a full complement of services to clients with family law concerns.
Intellectual Property
Trade-marks. Copyright. Licensing. Trade-secrets and confidentiality agreements. We do all that, of course, but it only scratches the surface. IP law is distinctive because it breaks new ground and needs new strategies. We’re up to the challenges and can help you maximize the value of your IP in any form.
Going to court is seldom fun, but it’s sometimes required. Before you get there, though, there is a vast array of tactics and decisions that can maximize your chances of success. We’ll help you every step of the way, and ensure you always have support.
Residential & Commercial Property
Land and real property deals run the gamut from buying a house to financing a multi-tenant commercial complex. WMCZ approaches both in the same way: with hands-on attention that is customized to reaching a solution that works for our clients.
Succession Planning
Businesses and individuals need to plan for the future to avoid expense and conflict. It’s not just the future, either; tax planning is essential to ensure that as much money as possible stays in your pocket today. We can help create a plan that fits you, and where available, will work with your other professional advisors for a coherent strategy that works.