We think that life outside work, whether with family or in the community, is at least as important as office time and we have built our firm to allow our lawyers and staff to enjoy life at and away from WMCZ. We’re picky; we don’t just hire anyone but for those who do fit our style, we think you’ll find a flexible, accommodating and fun atmosphere where excellence and integrity are valued.

Besides a friendly and professional atmosphere, we provide comprehensive disability and medical coverage. We use state of the art technology to make ourselves more productive and to improve the services we offer.

Don’t believe us? Feel free to contact any of our current staff or Saskatoon lawyers to ask them how they really feel about working at WMCZ.


Saskatchewan is booming and its largest city is leading the way. Saskatoon’s economy is producing countless opportunities and WMCZ needs to keep up with our clients’ needs. To help provide exceptional client service, we are always on the lookout for exceptional people.

We value diverse points of view and our lawyers are marked as much by their different perspectives than anything else. The points in common they share, and those characteristics which we demand of new lawyers, include intelligence, strong interpersonal skills and a client-focused attitude. Potential lawyers can forward their resumes and, preferably, a transcript of Law School marks here.

Articling Students

Articling at a law firm can result in a miserable 12 months where you wonder why you spent all that money on law school, or an exciting and rewarding kick-off to a long legal career. We obviously want you to have the latter, and we have shaped our articling process accordingly.

A key part of WMCZ’s growth comes through hiring and mentoring articling students. We believe that hiring students obligates us to develop them into excellent lawyers. We believe you will learn more and become a better lawyer by doing real work from the start. You won’t do research all day, every day. You won’t get coffee for the partners. You will work on real files under the guidance of experienced and respected lawyers. You will interact with other members of the profession and your work will touch the lives of real clients. Doing anything less wastes your potential.

WMCZ follows the voluntary guidelines for interviewing and hiring articling students so interviews are typically conducted in late May after the student’s 2nd year of Law School. Potential articling students can forward their resumes and, preferably, a transcript of Law School marks here. We maintain up to date information on the National Association of Legal Career Professionals website at www.nalpcanada.com. Just search for WMCZ to find out more about our articling program.

Administrative Staff

Our lawyers would not accomplish anything without a professional and expert administrative staff. Our needs vary so feel free to contact us here if you are interested in pursuing a career with WMCZ.

Like our lawyers, we want administrative personnel to be dedicated to their profession and willing to put our clients’ needs first. We offer a friendly and helpful atmosphere where learning is encouraged and challenging work is always available.