Brett joined WMCZ as an associate lawyer in 2015.

Q: What was my scariest experience?
A: Jumping out of a helicopter 12,000 feet over the Swiss Alps.

Q: What is my most bizarre pet peeve?
A: When people switch from iPhone to something else and my phone still wants to send an iMessage.

Q: If I could have any super power it would be…
A: Teleportation. I could travel anywhere in the world without the cost, travel time, or jet lag. Most importantly, never having to start and scrape your car in the dead of winter.

Q: If I wasn’t a lawyer I’d probably be…
A: Doing something else creative. I’m kind of a board game geek, so designing a game that places well in the German Spiel des Jahres competition would be the next best thing to being a lawyer.

Q: My favourite song is…
A: Yet to be discovered. A sampling of songs that bring a smile to my face: Jackrabbit by San Fermin, Hideaway by Kiesza, Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery, Tornado ’87 by The Rural Alberta Advantage, Consequence of Sound by Regina Spektor, and pretty much anything from the Sylvan Esso album.

Q: My favourite thing about being lawyer is…
A:  Adaptation and advocacy. The law is always changing. I take enormous pride in being part of the profession that drives that change.

Civil Litigation:

  • Personal injury
  • Insurance
  • Real estate sales
  • Small claims
  • Employment contracts
  • Corporate sales
  • Agricultural
  • Debtor/Creditor claims and enforcement

Court Applications:

  • Dismissal for want of prosecution
  • Summary judgment
  • Interim payment orders

SGI Matters:

  • Appealing decision letters
  • Automobile Injury Appeal Commission
  • Negotiating benefits
  • Economic loss claims
  • Non-economic loss claims

Other experience:

  • Drafting commercial agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Fee sharing contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Leases
  • Assignments